submitted anonymously via email

A part from seeing some very endearing folks get arrested the night wasn’t all that bad. Some queer compaƱer@s and I had been drinking, drugging, and graf writing that night and remembered that there was a supposed to be a noise demo in front of that youth enclosure on the border of Africa Town. We arrived after the event was supposed to be starting, but not too late for some festivities. When we arrived we found some cute folks and some angry anon types getting a little rowdy. One of the activists that the media loves to film was there and dare I say that if it wasn’t for the fact that it was actually happening watching people get rowdy with the cops and damaging one of their crusers and then watching some fine folks get arrested would seem like some sort of illegalist erotica. All in all there was a festive atmosphere. A cop car got fucked with. And white people on the internet got mad. If nothing too awful comes out of the arrests I’d say it was a smashing way to spend New Years and I’m sure there will be more smashing times coming soon to the PNW. With all those folks doin that sneaky smashy smashy in OLY and all these uncontrollables doin that party thing in SEA there’s no reason this can’t be the winter of our joyous discontent.

Fuck the prisons and the society that spawned them.

More than making things happen I hope some of us decide to let things happen.

Cheeeers fuckers,
Some Autonomist

also here’s some media coverage http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Police-Capitol-Hill-protestors-throw-rocks-bottles-and-paint-238332211.html