Police Station Attacked-Olympia, WA

from Anarchist News

Early this morning we climbed onto the roof of the Westside Olympia Police Sub Station and smashed out 8-10 of their surveillance cameras. This Sub Station existed without cameras for a long time, and was a site of many anarchist attacks in the past. When we saw that they had finally put up cameras… we decided they needed to come down.

We smashed out 3-4 windows as we left, and laughed into the night. This act was done in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners, all those facing repression, for the silent ones and those on the run, and for ourselves – to keep our blood boiling.

Because it’s fun. Because it’s easy. Because we fucking hate the police and the society they maintain.

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3 Police Cars Smashed-Olympia, WA

from Act For Freedom Now

On the night of December 16th, 3 police cruisers parked outside of Olympia’s Creighton Justice Center (home of the Olympia municipal jail and municipal court) had windows smashed out.


This particular day was picked in conjunction with the international call for solidarity with the Barcelona 5, accused of the bomb attack against the Roman-Catholic cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain.


Two, who remain in pre-trial custody, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, were also recently the targets of prosecution in the Chilean Anarchist Bombs Case (2010-2012). They both confronted that trial and 9 months of incarceration with dignity. They inspired the international anarchist community and so now we want to show our support for them and our hatred of the repressive forces with this act of rebellion.
Solidarity means attack! The Olympia Police are a manifestation of the same apparatus of repression that tries to control our comrades overseas. This control and repression exists in the US in abundance as well. For example, on November 19th in Durham, North Carolina, the police brutally murdered 17-year-old Chuey Huerta while he was being detained in the back seat of their cruiser.


With our action we also send a heartfelt message of solidarity to all those who are suffering the loss of a loved one at the hands of the police, particularly those in Durham, NC.


The only thing in the back of these cruisers tonight will be the shattered egos of the OPD, to whom we send a big FUCK YOU!