Upcoming Events

Every Day from 3pm-7pm, open hours at The Cusp anarchist social center in Olympia, located between Dumpster Values and Oldschool Pizzeria on Franklin Street between State Avenue & 4th Avenue.

1st & 3rd Sundays of every month, Prisoner Letter Writing Night at Black Coffee Co-Op (501 E. Pine St, Seattle), materials provided

All Month Long at 38 Blood Alley Square in Vancouver, B.C.: Drop-off point for any donations for the Unist’ot’en Camp (unistoten-camp.com for more info) and to comrades going up in a supporters caravan in February. Winter gear, monetary donations for the camp, splitting axes, food items, gas money, etc.

Thursday, January 16th, 5PM: Movie Night at the Cusp (on Franklin St. between State Ave. & 4th Ave in Olympia), The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Friday, January 17th, Call For International Solidarity For Three Anarchist Comrades Arrested In Mexico City

Sunday, January 19th, 7PM: Movie Night at Black Coffee Co-Op (501 E. Pine St., Seattle, WA): Pickaxe

Sunday, January 19th, 3PM: Who’s Who In The Northwest Fracking Scene at the Cusp (on Franklin St. between State Ave. & 4th Ave in Olympia:

  • This will be a presentation of research, and will attempt to be a complete mapping of who is who in the Northwest fracking scene. From the Port of Olympia to Lakota Territory, who is responsible for shipping, financing, distribution, etc. and what are their relationships to each other, and to us? If you have information to share, please bring it! This research will also be published as a zine, which will be released at this event, and can be picked up anytime after at The Cusp.

Tuesday, January 21st: Info Night on Mapuche Struggle in Chile at the Cusp (on Franklin St. between State Ave. & 4th Ave in Olympia: An internet researched (non-expert) informal presentation of information with short video clips. Donations asked for Mi’kmaq warriors legal fees. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Thursday, January 23rd, 5PM: Movie Night at The Cusp: Set It Off

Monday, January 27th 7PM at 38 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver BC, Radical Sobriety And Radical Non-Sobriety: The goal of this event is to create more connections of solidarity between sober people, non-sober people and self-identified addicts.

Monday, January 27th, Federal Courthouse in Portland, OR: Rebecca Rubin will be sentenced to between 5-75 Years on January 27th, 2014, more information here

Tuesday, January 28th, 5PM: Letter Writing to Earth Liberation Front Prisoners

Wednesday, January 29th, 5PM: Support Prisoners During And After Incarceration

  • Petey from Sacramento Prisoner Support will talk about his involvement in long-term prisoner support, and the importance of supporting people even after they have been released from prison. Petey grew up in New Jersey, where he worked with the NJ Animal Defense League, then proceeded to be heavily involved with animal activism throughout the Northeast before moving to California in 2000. He was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison after attempting to set fire to a number of dairy trucks one night in early 2001. Petey is now involved with prisoner support work as well as other activist projects where he lives in Sacramento, California. 1/30 5pm Movie Night: Shooter

Wednesday, January 29th, 7-9PM at 38 Blood Alley Square in Vancouver, B.C.: Proposals And Tea-Time: Some time to and explore and conspire with the goal of getting folks together & proposing events to further the anti-colonial, anarchist struggle.

Friday, January 31st, 7PM at 38 Blood Alley Square: Prisoner Letter Writing Night: Paper, pens and envelopes provided.

Friday, January 31st, 7PM at Black Coffee Co-Op (501 E. Pine St, Seattle, WA): Rod Coronado Speaking Event (more information here)

Saturday, February 1st, 7PM in Portland, OR: Rod Coronado Speaking Event at PSU Room number 238

Sunday, February 2nd, 7PM in Eugene, OR: Rod Coronado Speaking Event at UO, McKenzie 221